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The Art of Meditation


Meditation is an ancient practice and is as relevant today in its various formats as it ever has been over the centuries.  Helping to relax the body and mind, bringing calm and clarity.

We look at:

  • Meditation, what it is and why you might meditate.
  • Mudras, Mandalas, Yantras and Mantras:  what they are and how they relate to meditation.
  • Meditation within the Tibetan Gelugpa Lineage.
  • Meditation within the yoga context.
  • Mindfulness:  a modern approach to an ancient practice.
  • Mindful movement.
  • Breathing and relaxation.
  • Meditations.

You will:

  • Have looked at some of the basics and traditions of meditation.
  • Have explored some ways to relax the body and mind.
  • Have experienced some meditations.


The Art of Meditation Training Workshop

The Art of Meditation Vocational Training Course


If you can't get to our therapy studio or the time isn't convenient, you can benefit from the same training online with downloadable course material and online training.  We offer basically everything you  would get in face-face studio training.

Later Event: July 1
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