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Journey to Wellness: Yoga for Cancer

Journey to Wellness: 6 Steps: Sep/Oct/Nov 2017 & Mar/April/May 2018.  Can be taken individually or as complete 6-step package. 

There is a growing body of evidence to show that yoga, as a complementary therapy to conventional treatments, can be beneficial.

All cancer patients can benefit from regular yoga classes, including people experiencing  treatment-related symptoms, for example post-surgical pain with a limited range of motion, sleep issues, fatigue,  anxiety and digestive problems.

Journey to Wellness yoga for people living with cancer are specialised yoga classes addressing the needs of people facing cancer, using gentle techniques of movement and breathing with relaxation and meditation and are available for cancer patients, recoverers and their carers on an individual and small group basis.

The classes involve:

  • Gentle movements to improve circulation, relieve tension and enhance mobility.
  • Breathing  exercises and relaxation techniques,  which improve the body's respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, reduce anxiety and increase peacefulness.
  • Mindfulness techniques, which give students tools for centering, calming, increasing clarity and allowing for better management of challenging emotions by promoting understanding, compassion and confidence.

These practices serve as effective tools in pain management, reduce fatigue, lessen side effects from treatments and improve recovery. The unique combination of these  practices creates conditions conductive to healing - physically,  mentally and emotionally - bringing harmony and integration of one's entire being.

Specialist yoga for those affected by cancer are not just safe but aim to provide physical and psychological benefits that can range from keeping the joints lubricated, despite the effect of certain drugs, to reducing anxiety.   Also open to yoga teachers (CPD points).

Sally and Christine's teaching style is personalised and we work closely with each student to ensure their well-being, safety and to allow them to deepen their practice.  WIth an intuitive approach, the rhythm of each class is adapted to the needs of the group and to the individual.  Your teachers have specialised training in teaching yoga for cancer (British Wheel of Yoga for People Living with Cancer and Post-graduate Oncology Diploma).  They are British Wheel and Yoga Alliance registered teachers, yoga therapy trained, CNHC registered and accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapy.

It is our aim to help bring a sense of acceptance to those affected by cancer through the practice of yoga.  


Saturdays: 2-5 p.m. 

16/Sep; 21/Oct; 18/Nov 2017 and 17/Mar; 21/April; 19/May 2018