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Late Summer Elements Workshop - Earth

Late Summer Elements Workshop - Earth

A cleansing Solstice and Equinox yoga practice linking with the seasons with Nicky and Christine. 

Find out what Late Summer has to offer and how the elements and yin/yang organs of the season can inform your yoga practice.  Balancing the physical, mental and social aspects of your being.

Seasonal Stråla Yoga followed by Deep Relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowls for Tibetan sound therapy.  As the leaves fall from the trees, we are reminded to let go and create room to breathe.  This season is linked to the lung and large intestine meridians - come along and find out more.  Co-hosted by the lovely Nicky.

 £25. Venue: Yoga Mango Studio, 4 Merrilyn Close, Claygate KT10 0EQ.  1445-1700. 

Seasonal Strala Yoga followed by:

Tibetan Sound Therapy Relaxation

Chakra clearing and holistic deep relaxation techniques

Includes Tibetan sound therapy for chakra clearing and holistic deep relaxation techniques for relief from stress.  Our energy centres are re-balanced and harmonised.

Suitable for anyone who wants to relax!

You will:

  • Experience healing techniques that help to reduce stress, blood pressure, improve energy flow in the body and boost immunity. These balance the brain hemispheres and remove both mental and emotional negativity.

  • Become calm and totally relaxed.