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How to Relieve Pain and Teaching Options in your Normal Yoga Class

Do your students have a stiff back, neck, shoulders or hips?  Dodgy knees or stiff ankles?  Do their shoulders twinge in Plank or Adho Mukha Svanasana?  Join me and learn how to relieve pain, relax tight muscles and how you can adapt their movement with personalised options and postural awareness into their normal yoga class with you. This workshop is also available as an online option.

Anyone can do yoga and asanas can be adapted and supported for the individual to be incorporated into your noral class teaching.  From Surya Namaskara to Trikonasana, Sirsasana or even Savasana where support and adapting the posture can offer a different experience where your students' individual needs can be met within your normal class.

We all experience the occasional twinge, stiffness, injury, illness and off days.  Yoga adapts to the individual.

I'm a yoga therapist with spine specialisation, a registered teacher of the yoga for backs programme, a senior yoga teacher, BCYT accredited and CNHC registered.  

Yoga Mango back help books are reviewed and endorsed by three doctors and additionally reviewed and endorsed by the Journalists' Medical Association. These are available on Amazon.  Additionally some video sequences taken from the books are available under Yoga Mango on You Tube.