Baby Plus Nine

Baby Plus Nine

It takes nine months to have a baby but did you know it takes the body another nine months to get over having a baby?

All the care taken during pregnancy needs to be taken after pregnancy and this particularly applies to the lower back that is subject to extra stresses and strains, not only during pregnancy but for up to nine months after pregnancy while the body recovers.

During pregnancy, the levels of the hormone relaxin increase and pregnant women have up to 10 times the normal levels of relaxin.  

Relaxin has many important roles during pregnancy.  As the name suggests, the hormone plays a ‘relaxing’ or softening role, for instance:

·         Relaxes the arteries increasing oxygen and nutrients to mother and baby

·         Helps to prevent possible high blood pressure

·         Helps with stretching the abdominal muscles and rib cage to accommodate the growing baby

·         Helps with the process of childbirth by softening the ligaments at the front of the pelvis and softening the cervix in preparation for the birth  

However there are side-effects to relaxin too:

·         Back pain: relaxin softens the ligaments of the spine and this can lead to increased back pain as the ligaments become more elastic and less stable

·         Pelvic girdle pain: relaxin softens the ligaments of the joints around the pelvic area as these also become more elastic and less stable

·         Injury risk: with stretched muscles and ligaments being more elastic and less stable, particularly when relaxin levels are particularly high in the first and third trimester

There are some simple things that you can do to protect yourself both during and after pregnancy: 

·         Attention to posture

·         Simple back pain relief movement, rest and relaxation

·         Learning how to protect the back against injury

Once you’ve had your baby, it’s really easy to forget about taking care of your posture.  You should be taking extra care, especially when you’re picking up and putting down your baby and haven’t got your pregnancy baby bump any longer as a reminder.

The newly released book, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Lower Back Health offers clear, simple, easy steps to relieve back strain and pain within reach of anyone, during and post-pregnancy.  You’ll also feel calm and relaxed.  These gentle and very effective movements, rest and relaxation can be done anytime, anywhere.  They have all been endorsed by Karen Morton, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.  Recently published and available on Amazon, by Christine Pitt as part of the Yoga Mango Back Helper Series.