Mindfulness and Mindful Yoga Movement 

Available in studio on allocated dates, when available, see Events Calendar, or as interactive, live online option with dates/times to suit you, or a mixture of both, all with home study and ongoing support.  Please contact to organise dates/times if unable to attend allocated studio dates.

The course includes:

  • Course manual

  • Online, live, personal support options

  • Therapy sequences

  • Times to suit you when you opt for live, online training

  • Ongoing Facebook group support and discussion group option

  • Course certificate

Connect!  If you truly connect body with mind, you link to the option of greater choice, control and creativity bringing health, clarity and calm to your life. Bringing ancient disciplines together in simple and accessible ways relevant to today.

Living in the now, a moment-to-moment awareness.

By the end of this accredited training, you will have:

  • an understanding of the principles of mindfulness;
  • experienced some mindfulness exercises;
  • explored some mindful movement, breathing and relaxation.

Online booking is available via Purchases @ www.yogamango.com.  Dates and times are in Events Calendar for studio training when available, online options at any time.