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Back Care

You're as Young as Your Spine is Flexible with Christine Pitt YAPTA 

Back Care CPD Module


An introduction to back care through yoga.  Learn how to bring backs to balance in the yoga class and beyond, safeguarding back health through a modern approach to ancient, healing wisdom.

The back from an eastern perspective, an outline of some common back conditions,  practical pain relieving poses and sequences together with yoga modifications, breathwork and relaxation will give you and your students some invaluable back health management tools to bring to your yoga classes as well as everyday life and other sporting activities.  You will be confident to incorporate what you learn into your yoga and yoga teaching, safeguarding back health.

  • Yoga Alliance Professionals Training Academy 'You're as Young as Your Spine is Flexible'
  • Back Care Module ( Yoga Alliance Professionals Academy Accredited). 4 modules with 30 contact hours, 10 non-contact hours comprising a 40-hour therapy training module.)  Full syllabus can be viewed in Events Calendar.

Your principal teacher is a yoga therapist who specialises in the spine and has written 8 back-helper books, approved by three doctors, for easy guidance on back care. 

These include arthritis; sciatica; neck, shoulders and hips; pregnancy and post-natal back health; osteoporosis; scoliosis, herniated disc and pinched nerve;  yoga back care for sports.

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