Reiki CPD Workshop

Reiki is a simple but profound system of hands-on healing originating in Japan.  It transcends cultural and religious boundaries.  It is gentle and yet powerful.  Reiki can affect health and well-being by re-balancing, cleansing and renewing our internal energy system.

Learn a little bit more about this healing system, its many applications and how it connects to our physical, mental and emotional areas through our chakras (our energy centres).

You will have plenty of opportunity to experience this for yourself through practical exercises.  At the end of this workshop you will have:

  • a basic understanding of reiki and how it works;
  • been introduced to reiki with colours, chakras, animals, plants
  • learn how to self-heal with reiki through the practice of Tenohira.

Your teacher is a Reiki Master and CNHC registered.

Online booking is available via Purchases.  Dates in Events Calendar.