Yoga Therapy Fundamentals

Available in studio on allocated dates, see Events Calendar, or as interactive, live online option with dates/times to suit you, or a mixture of both, all with home study and ongoing support.  Please contact to organise dates/times if unable to attend allocated studio dates.

'Yoga postures and sequences are modified to accommodate individual needs along with a combination of breathing exercises and relaxation.'

The course includes:

  • 5 modules

  • Course manual

  • Online, live, personal support options

  • therapy sequences

  • Ongoing Facebook group support and discussion group option

  • Course certificate

5 Modules

  1. asana and therapy breakdown: asanas and their benefits

  2. kriyas and auric sheaths: chakras and the endocrine system

  3. precautions, prohibitions and modifications related to common conditions

  4. mudras, bandhas, mandalas, yantras and mantras:  mindfulness and mindful movement

  5. breathing and pranayama; meditation practices and benefits

Online booking is available via Purchases @ www.yogamango.com.  Dates and times are in Events Calendar for studio training when available, online options at any time.