Therapy Yoga Studio Classes

(also as an alternative live, online, interactive two-way option)

Mondays, 1330-1445:  Yoga for Well-Being, for anyone, chair options available with Christine

Mondays, 1830-1945:  Yoga for Cancer with Sally

Mondays, 2000-2130: Mindfulness with Zeena - course

Tuesdays 0915-1030: Hatha for All with Anne

Tuesdays, 1100-1215: Mindful and Tibetan Heart Yoga with Christine

Tuesdays, 1945-2100 (mixed) & 2100-2200 (men): Power Yoga with Olivia

Wednesdays, 1030-1115: Mother and Baby with Olivia

Wednesdays, 1330-1445:  Yoga for Backs, Shoulders and Hips with Christine, for anyone

Wednesdays, 2015-2130: Strala Yoga with Nicky, Vinyasa Flow

Thursdays, 1830-1945: Yoga for Cancer, for  anyone who has had or  who currently has cancer

Thursdays, 2030-2145: Strala Yoga with Nicky, Vinyasa Flow

Fridays, 0915-1030: Strala Yoga with Nicky, Vinyasa Flow

Fridays, 1200-1315: Power Yoga with Olivia

Fridays, 1400-1500: Yoga for Cancer with Sally

Fridays, 1945-2115: Sivananda Yoga with Shim inc. Restorative Yoga once a month

Saturdays, workshops: see events calendar

Classes are small to allow for individual attention and are in a dedicated private yoga studio.  Mats, blocks, bolsters and belts are provided.